Post 16

Queen Elizabeth’s Sixth Form is a vital part of the Academy. It is a lively and flourishing community whose aspirations and achievements are expanding all the time. It exists to allow our students the opportunity to continue their education beyond the end of compulsory schooling at 16 in a supportive, challenging, quality and increasingly adult environment.

It is an ‘open’ Sixth Form. Students of all abilities and interests are welcomed and are offered guidance as to the most suitable pathway for them through the next two to three years of education.

Students join the Sixth Form voluntarily and in doing so have an expectation in terms of the variety of courses on offer. They also have an entitlement to quality guidance and support. This means the academy providing the resources, teaching, opportunity and respect required at this level.

In return for this expectation and entitlement there comes commitment and responsibility on their part. All students joining the Sixth Form do so in the knowledge that they are agreeing to abide by and keep to the spirit of a small number of important procedures. These exist for the benefit of all students, staff and for the general public image of the academy in the local community.

This commitment and responsibility will come in the form of:

  • 100% attendance at the academy according to the agreed procedures.
  • Working to the best of their ability at their chosen courses.
  • Making constructive use of non-scheduled time to support their chosen courses.
  • Acting responsibly and appropriately around the site.
  • Being a outstanding ‘role model’ for the younger students.
  • Involving themselves in the broader life of the Academy and local community and in the designated extra-curricular activities.
  • Setting the standards for others in the Academy in terms of achievement and behaviour.
  • Taking a leading role in presenting the ‘public face’ of the academy to its community.
  • Completion of set work within given deadlines.
  • Appropriate notification following non-attendance at the Academy.
  • Respect for staff, other students and Academy resources.
  • Commitment to high levels of achievement.

The guidance and achievement structures are there to support students in achieving their goals of higher qualifications. They are designed to ensure that students feel confident and secure as they continue to develop their talents.