Queen Elizabeth's Academy is its own admissions authority. It follows the Nottinghamshire County Council processes with regards to admission. Please follow this link for further information:

AdmissionsThe Lead Practitioner of Student Experience will visit partner primary schools and liaise with headteachers and classroom teachers in order to ensure that all relevant information is available to the academy.

The SENCO is responsible for liaising with the feeder school SENCO in order to ensure that all SEND information is appropriately transferred. The SENCO will also attend any Year 6 Annual Reviews for Statemented Students who will be joining Queen Elizabeth's Academy.

In the Summer Term we hold a New Intake Day for all prospective students as part of the academy's transition week.

Our admissions policy conforms to the Local Authority policy on Admissions. A copy for 2017/2018 can be found below. Our admission limit is currently set at 180.

At the beginning of the Autumn term of a child’s final year at primary school, parents are issued with details of the arrangements for transfer to secondary school. They are invited to visit the academy on our Open Evening and are issued with a copy of the Academy’s prospectus. Parents complete a Common Admission Form, (CAF), which must be returned to the LA by the end of October in the school year before transfer and parents receive notification of their child’s allocated school in March of that year.


The student’s current school should be informed of their intention to move.

The parent/carer and the current school should complete an “In-year Common Application Form” which should be submitted to LA Admissions.

The parent/carer should contact Queen Elizabeth's Academy to arrange a meeting with the Senior Leader responsible for admissions in order to discuss the reasons for the proposed transfer. The high standards of work, homework and behaviour expected will be fully explained at this meeting.

If the transfer is agreed, the parent/carer and student must sign a “Home – Academy agreement”, to be retained in the student’s file. Please note that it is agreed protocol that students transferring from local schools will only transfer at the beginning of each term unless there are exceptional circumstances.

Prior to starting at the Academy, the student will need to come in for testing to enable appropriate setting in the core subjects and selection of GCSE options if appropriate.

Student Services will contact the previous school to ask for the student’s school records to be forwarded to Queen Elizabeth's Academy.

The Academy Uniform can be purchased through this link: