Christian distinctiveness

Queen Elizabeth’s Academy seeks to provide high quality education rooted in Christian values.

Christian vision
Our Christian vision as an academy should be seeking to walk humbly with God. Walking humbly means putting aside our own desires in order to listen to the needs of others and seek the desires of God. Our attitudes and actions as a community need to reflect this, which means we should show mercy and act justly towards others.

The Christian distinctiveness aspect of life at Queen Elizabeth’s Academy is overseen by the chaplaincy support team.

Chaplaincy support
Our chaplaincy support team oversee our approach to ensuring the Christian distinctiveness of the academy. The team seeks to ensure that the academy is a place where faith can be explored and developed.

Their work also includes:
• supporting the academy chaplain through the yearly action plan
• developing opportunities for Christian worship, spiritual development, and reflection
• providing meaningful links for chaplaincy work across the curriculum
• development of the academy environment as a Christian place
• supporting opportunities in the performing arts for development of inner-self
• supporting staff recruitment/care in line with Christian principles
• supporting pastoral and academic care of students
• development of community links to enhance the Christian ethos
• support for Ofsted and SIAMS inspections

Christian distinctiveness
Promoting Christian distinctiveness throughout the academy is achieved through:
• prayer meetings, groups, and prayer request boxes
• acts of worship throughout the year
• communion services
• extra-curricular activities such as Christian union, staff and student away days
• support for the curriculum - religious studies and through other faculties
• our ethos of inclusion and our behaviour policy
• charity/fund raising/volunteering
• international links and trips