Diverse Academies Learning Partnership

DALP logoQueen Elizabeth’s Academy is proud to be part of the Diverse Academies Learning Partnership, alongside a number of other academies within Nottinghamshire.

Diverse Academies Learning Partnership (DALP)
Diverse Academies is a group of academies committed to development and improvement through collaboration and partnership. DALP has now been existence since September 2011. There are two trusts linked by a formal partnership agreement, the Diverse Academies Trust (DAT), a multi-academy trust and the National Church of England Academy Trust (NCEAT) which is currently a single academy trust.

The partnership’s core focus is the achievement and development of each individual student. This is achieved through maintaining and developing each academy’s unique identity and individual characteristics, sharing existing best practice and co-developing new best practice techniques.

Diverse Academies Trust (DAT)
DAT is a multi-academy trust of eight academies (Queen Elizabeth’s Academy, Tuxford Academy, East Leake Academy, The Holgate Academy, Retford Oaks Academy, Walton Girls’ High School, Wainwright Primary Academy and Tuxford Primary Academy).

The trust board works closely with the Diverse Academies (DALP) board. They are empowered by the Trust to provide overall support to academies through their leadership and management alongside governance structures within the wider partnership.

For more information about Diverse Academies Learning Partnership and DAT, please click here.