Blog: Anti-bullying, support and behaviour

7th August 2017

Behaviour and support changes 2017Our latest blog from Miss Brothwell, academy principal, features details of the changes that students, parents and staff can expect to see with regards to support and behavioural expectations at Queen Elizabeth's Academy in the new academic year.

"Next term will launch our anti-bullying campaign ‘Not OK at QEA’. We will enable students to have a greater voice in this arena and ensure that all staff, students and parents understand what to do if they feel that they are being bullied. This is the follow up to a large piece of work this year that has been done around the culture within the academy, ensuring that students know that it is not acceptable, that they can get help, and that issues will be dealt with.

Our Special Educational Needs provision continues to grow and go from strength to strength. We have staff trained in anxiety related issues who visit students at home to work towards integrating them back into learning. Our learning inclusion centre delivers high quality alternative provision for some of our more vulnerable learners, with our high-quality support team ensuring that students receive the support needed to access education in our mainstream setting.

Finally, we have been taking a tough stance on student discipline during the past year, and this will continue as we move forward. Students will be rewarded for good behaviour and receive recognition for their individual and group successes, but sanctions will be in place for any behaviour not deemed acceptable – this includes non-completion of homework, misbehaviour in the academy, inappropriate use of phones, just to name a few.

We will be issuing a parent handbook in September that will outline our expectations further – we hope that parents will support us in embedding our values within students to benefit all individuals at the academy."

Miss Brothwell
Academy principal