Blog: Curriculum, teaching and learning

4th August 2017

Curriculum and teaching changes 2017Our latest blog from Miss Brothwell, academy director, features details of the changes that students, parents and staff can expect to see to the curriculum, teaching and learning at Queen Elizabeth's Academy in the new academic year.

"As of September, we are returning to traditional, grammar-style, direct-instruction teaching. We are doing this to improve discipline, improve vocabulary, accelerate learning of key knowledge and drive progress. Our teachers are experts in their fields and they will deliver the knowledge to all students in a direct manner, from the front, using repetition and firm strategies to ensure that information locks into memory.

We eagerly anticipate a year of accelerated learning in the 2017/2018 academic year. Staff are tasked with filling gaps in student knowledge and delivering the curriculum of two years into one. This is to ensure that our students end the year in an accelerated position – this will require discipline and hard work from all students, who have been supported to understand what our high expectations are.

Alongside this, the curriculum offer at Queen Elizabeth’s Academy is now broader than ever. With investment in the arts and the introduction of even more academic subjects such as psychology, statistics and business studies at GCSE, there is further opportunity for students to engage with more subjects that suit their interests and aspirations.

We hope that all students and their families will support this new approach to teaching and learning – it will not be easy as this is a step change from what has been delivered for years at the academy, but this is a strategy designed to benefit all students and ensure that progress can be made. Together we can make these changes seamless and of advantage to all at the academy."

Miss Brothwell
Academy director