Praise from Ofsted following inspections

9th February 2017

Improvement recognised by OfstedBoth Wainwright Primary Academy and Queen Elizabeth’s Academy have both recently been subject to monitoring visits from Ofsted and have demonstrated positive improvements after just one term under the Diverse Academies Learning Partnership.

The inspections took place at Queen Elizabeth’s and Wainwright on 30 November 2016 and 18 November 2016 respectively and highlighted the great improvements made, specifically in the areas of leadership, teaching and behaviour.

Findings at Wainwright concluded that work to support disadvantaged children is good and raising expectations of pupils and staff has improved dramatically, resulting in an improvement in pupils’ attendance and classroom engagement. The report also highlighted the positive contribution of the Diverse Academies and the local academy board in supporting and driving academy objectives.

At Queen Elizabeth’s Academy inspectors referred to a strong improvement in teaching standards and monitoring of individual students’ progress, and new systems introduced to improve student behaviour and safeguarding are clear and coherent. The new academy leadership structure and approach to curriculum was also commended, with a positive reaction to planning for academy improvements.

Neil Holmes, Executive Principal at Queen Elizabeth’s Academy said, “We are very encouraged by the report and are pleased that the hard work of staff, our academy board and the Diverse Academies team is having a positive effect. The change in just one term under new sponsors has reaped benefits for our students and staff, and we will work hard and continue to keep improving. We understand that there are still challenges, but we are responding positively to the Ofsted feedback and look forward to our next monitoring visit where we will demonstrate further improvements.”

Louise Davidson, Executive Principal at Wainwright Primary Academy added, “There are huge positives to take from the report, and the staff at Wainwright have worked exceptionally hard to embrace the positive changes we have made this term. The results we are seeing from our pupils, and feedback from parents too, is further evidence that we are making a difference and will continue to strive to give the best educational experience possible for the benefit of all children.”

The Diverse Academies has a strong and successful record of accomplishment and supporting academy improvements through a collaborative approach to teaching and learning, implementing best practice and by offering greater opportunities for students to progress and develop. Both academies joined the partnership in September 2016 after a re-brokerage from their previous sponsor.

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