Personal, health and social education (PHSE)

Curriculum coverage at key stage 3
Throughout the key stage students will focus upon how to stay healthy both physically and mentally and about the importance of making informed decisions about their well-being. They will investigate relationships and how they change, racism, personal safety around roads, railways, alcohol, sex and drugs. They will also develop practical skills such as caring for the environment in which they live, finances and enterprise. Along the way they will recognise how attitudes differ and change as they grow up helping them to make sense of the many issues they face as teenagers.

Year 7 topics

  • All about me
  • Send my friend to school
  • Healthy Bodies
  • DARE
  • Recycling and fairtrade

Year 8 topics

  • Families and friendships
  • Racism and stereotypes
  • Personal safety
  • Crime and consequences
  • Emotional well-being
  • Enterprise

Year 9 topics

  • Kids having kids
  • Making the right choices
  • My future
  • Banking and budgeting.
  • Relationships, STIs and contraception.
  • Saviour siblings

Curriculum coverage at key stage 4
Students will build upon the ideas and skills they have covered in Key Stage 3 and will now focus upon their future. An insight on the careers they may wish to pursue, staying safe and healthy, understanding government and politics and looking after their finances. This will enable them to better prepare for life beyond school in the wider world as a global citizen who is able to make informed decisions.

Year 10 topics

  • Watch over me series 3 moving on
  • Our society
  • Safe and healthy relationships
  • Government and Parliament
  • Careers
  • Economic wellbeing

Year 11 topics

  • The future
  • Safe and healthy relationships
  • Starting a business
  • Conflict
  • You as a global citizen