Physical education

Physical educationCurriculum coverage at key stage 3
We offer a broad range of activities in physical education covering most sports and including football, rugby, netball and badminton together with fitness and athletics. Students are encouraged to participate primarily as performers but can also adopt additional roles such as coaches and referees. Our assessment of students is regular and centres on the following key areas, developing skills and applying them in performances, evaluating performances and problem solving as well as developing a healthy active lifestyle.

Year 7 units:

  • Baseline Testing
  • Rugby/Netball
  • 3 Basketball/Badminton
  • Football/Gymnastics
  • Cricket/Rounders/Softball
  • Athletics

Year 8 units:

  • Football/Netball
  • Rugby/Badminton
  • Basketball/Gymnastics
  • Fitness/Football
  • Cricket/Rounders/Softball
  • Athletics

Year 9 units:

  • Football/Netball
  • Rugby/Fitness
  • Handball/Football
  • Fitness/Badminton
  • Cricket/Rounders/Athletics
  • Athletics

Curriculum coverage at key stage 4
At key stage 4 students follow a similar pathway to key stage 3. However, students are encouraged to develop their leadership skills through the Level 1 Leaders Award. Students are given the opportunity to lead/teach their peers as well as leading and officiating at a number of sporting events for Yr. 3-6 children from primary schools within Mansfield.

At key stage 4 students are given the opportunity to study BTEC Sport, covering aspects such as fitness testing training and programming, practical sport, the mind and sports performance, and the sports performer in action. The first unit is externally assessed via an online examination and the other remaining units are internally assessed, but externally moderated.

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Curriculum coverage at key stage 5
At key stage 5 students can build upon existing knowledge and experience and opt to study BTEC Sport at Level 3. Students study two mandatory units, these are anatomy and physiology and fitness training, and programming for health, sport and wellbeing. Students will sit an external examination as well as a controlled assessment. The two remaining units to be covered are professional development in the Sports Leadership, and both of these units will be internally assessed.

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