Over the course of the next two weeks, students will collect their qualification grades for GCSE and A Levels. We have outlined below the guidance from Ofqual on how the grades for this summer have been awarded, appeals information and guidance, and the next steps after receiving your results. We hope that you achieve the grades that all your hard work during your time at the academy deserves.

How grades have been awarded

Step 1 – Along with other schools and colleges in the country, the academy submitted centre assessed grades for students in each of their subjects. These are the grades we felt students would have achieved had they sat the exams. We also submitted a rank order for students in each subject based on how they were expected to perform. A range of assessment information was considered for every student such as coursework, mock exams, general tracking records and performance throughout the course to determine student grades and ranking.

Step 2 – Exam boards checked the submitted grades for consistency using a model developed with regulators. They have the final say on grades, and therefore award the grade they feel is appropriate. They have worked hard to ensure that all grades for all schools and colleges have been awarded fairly, making sure they are in line with previous national results in each subject, how well the academy has performed in recent years and how well this year’s students have performed at GCSE.

Further useful information on this process can be found here:

Querying qualification grades

If you are unhappy with the results you received for any of your subjects, your teachers or exams officer will give you advice on the options available to you, including the option to sit exams in the Autumn term. If you would like to discuss this please email Mrs Windle, Assistant Principal, on swindle@queenelizabeths-ac.org.uk . Due to the way the results have been submitted and calculated this year, re-marks are not an option. If, however, you feel there has been an error in the centre assessed grade please let us know.

You can, in addition to raising a query, request a telephone appointment to speak to a member of the Senior Leadership Team. Please use the email above to request a call stating the best day, time, and number to contact you on.

A Level – arrangements for collecting results

As in previous years, we look forward to welcoming you to the academy to collect your exam results on Thursday 13 August.

To ensure that social distancing can be maintained we have allocated time slots according to your year group. It is vital that you stick to these time slots to ensure that it is a safe and comfortable experience for all.

Year 13 and year 12 can pick up their A/AS results up from the academy on Thursday morning – year 13 between 8.30 – 9.30am and year 12 between 9.30 -10.30am. You should make your way to the Panel Room, following our one-way system and maintaining social distancing at all times.

Staff will be on site to discuss onward destinations and if you have any queries about grades. We look forward to seeing you and celebrating your successes.

GCSE – arrangements for collecting results

GCSE results day will take place on Thursday 20 August and we look forward to welcoming you into academy to collect your qualification grades.

The academy will be open on the 20 August from 9am until 12noon. You will be able to collect your results from outside the main hall (under a marquee just in case). When collecting your results, if there are other students also waiting, please queue in a way that sticks to the social distancing guidance.

Should you need any support on the day, staff will be there to cheer with you and help you with making sure you can get to your next destinations if need be.

If you are unable to collect your results in person on the day, the academy will post them to you. Alternatively, you may write to the academy naming an individual who is authorised to collect the results on your behalf (ID will be required to collect). Please note that we cannot issue results to anyone, including parents unless permission is given first by the student.

Despite the different experience that you have had this year, we are still looking forward to celebrating your successes with you in August.  We wish you a safe and enjoyable summer.

We would also ask yourself and parents/carers to check the academy website and emails regularly over the Summer as we will communicate any further updates on these channels.