Why study media studies?

The course is designed to engage students in the depth of study of media products in relation to four key areas: media language, media representation, media industries and media audiences. It nurtures students’ ability to formulate their own responses to the range of media present in modern life and enables students to critically evaluate texts.

What will I learn?

Students will study the following media forms: television, film, radio, newspapers, magazine, advertising and marketing, social media, video games and music video.

The course will enable students to develop:

  • skills of enquiry, critical thinking, decision making and analysis;
  • knowledge and understanding of a range of important media issues;
  • appreciation and critical understanding of the media and their role in society, culture and politics;
  • how to understand and apply specialist terminology to analyse and compare media products, their context, and reaching conclusions about media issues; and
  • practical skills by providing opportunities for creative media production.

How will I be assessed?

  • Examinations
  • Coursework

Future pathways and careers

  • Animator
  • Broadcast journalist
  • Film editor/ director
  • Games developer
  • Journalist
  • Location manager
  • Researcher
  • Sound technician
  • Web designer
  • Writer

Course contact

Ms G Marples