Why study music?

Interested in a range of music? A keen participator in musical activities or instrumental lessons at the academy? A keen participator in music in your spare time? Interested in all different types of music? Interested in using technology to create music? A high achiever in your music lessons? If you are some of the above, BTEC music is for you.

What will I learn?

You will learn about different areas of music. You will explore and learn what it takes to become a performer in the music industry. In some units you will develop your instrumental/vocal skills and perform pieces of music and be assessed on these. You and your class will also have the chance to plan and deliver your very own live music event at the academy. Finally, if performing isn’t your strong suit you can compose and write music. In one of the units you will be using music technology to compose music for scenes from films. You will become a well-rounded musician through the BTEC course.

How will I be assessed?

The BTEC in music has core units and optional units – each unit is worth 25 per cent of the qualification that is assessed by the teacher then externally moderated. Unit 1 is the external assessment and this consists of multiple choices, short answer and extended-writing questions. Therefore candidates must be competent in longer written answers to succeed and a high level of literacy skills is, therefore, essential. It is also essential that you are interested in all aspects of music – both practically and theoretically.

• Written exam (25%)
• Coursework (75%)

Future pathways and careers

  • Music can be continued into further education at Hucknall Sixth Form Centre
  • Sound engineer
  • Musician
  • Recording artist
  • Production
  • Teacher

Course contact

Mr J Williams