Philosophy and ethics

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Why study philosophy and ethics?

Philosophy and ethics is an issues-based course, tackling religious and secular perspectives on a range of moral and social issues. It encourages students to apply a wide range of concepts allowing them to confidently interpret and analyse the expressions of religions, and the world views young people may encounter into adulthood.

It is not just about religion – the course takes account of the many belief systems in society, including scientific beliefs and those who claim they have no belief system. Our society has a breadth of thoughts, morals, beliefs and opinions. The course embraces this; it ignores no-one.

The course also has a great feel of ‘transferable skills’, which are so important when young people enter the world of work.

What will I learn?

The key areas covered on the course are based around Christianity and Islam. Within these two religions, students will study:

  • beliefs
  • marriage and the family
  • living the religious life
  • matters of life and death
  • crime and punishment
  • peace and conflict

How will I be assessed?

  • Examinations

Future pathways and careers

  • Students can continue to do philosophy and ethics at Hucknall Sixth Form Centre
  • Medical careers
  • Emergency services
  • Armed Forces
  • Children’s work
  • Teaching
  • Social care

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For more information on philosophy and ethics, contact Mr Griffiths via email:

Queen Elizabeth’s Academy