Senior executive leader’s welcome

Thank you for your interest in Queen Elizabeth’s Academy.

We hope that you find the information contained on our website to be interesting and relevant to your son or daughter’s education.

“We want all students to achieve their full potential and to aspire to reach high standards.”

At Queen Elizabeth’s, we want all of our students to achieve their full potential. To allow this to happen, we make sure that there are no limitations or barriers to reaching the highest possible standards of academic, social, spiritual and personal development. We believe in inspiring our students to transform their learning and embedding them with knowledge so that they can succeed in life.

Our commitment to you is that we will be improving the quality of education and outcomes for every student at Queen Elizabeth’s Academy, for now and for future generations of children. The academy has a rich heritage and, we believe, a very strong and fruitful future.

Mr Neil Holmes
Senior Executive Leader

Queen Elizabeth’s Academy