Inspired by Luke 10: 29-37 we give our all to all in appreciation to God who gave his all in Jesus, offering learning without boundaries and care without limits so that all our students can experience life in all its fullness.

Our collective worship follows the pathway of the nine core values. Launched by the principal at the start of each week, one value with connecting scripture is discussed with the children. What does that value mean to us in today’s society? How can we embody that value – to live it and be it?

The chaplain continues with the same value in his collective worship gatherings in the hall and chapel, and our tutors provide opportunities to discuss, share ideas and reflect on personal development in tutor time.

We invite our parents to share in our collective worship by opening the document below and continuing the spiritual discussion in the home environment.

QEA prayer

This is our academy.
Let peace dwell here.
Let the place be full of happiness.
Let love live here.
Love for one another and for God.
Let joy be embedded in our learning and our friendships.
Let us remember that people make a community and many hearts make a school.