Year 8 student Valeriia attended the Child of Courage Awards on Tuesday 14 March, after being unanimously nominated by QEA staff, in recognition of her outstanding courage and amazing positive attitude.

Head of year Mrs Bland said “I feel so blessed and privileged to be Valeriia’s head of year and know that Queen Elizabeth’s Academy is so very lucky to have her as a member of our school family.”

Valeriia arrived from war torn Ukraine in the summer of 2022.
The Old Meeting House in Mansfield supported her family from the very start, which included getting Valeriia and her younger sibling into school.

Valeriia is severely visually impaired. She has an iPad to work from in all lessons, a teaching assistant to support her, along with lots of other help and support. QEA will continue to work with Valeriia, her family, our family SENCO and colleagues from the Royal Institute for the Blind to ensure she continues to learn and enjoy school and that she can access all the opportunities our academy can offer.

From the first day Valeriia joined QEA she has approached every task, challenge and activity with a level of positivity that inspires both our staff and students alike. She loves everything about school and wants to learn all there is to learn.

Valeriia is an absolute inspiration and thoroughly deserves recognition for her courage and unfaltering positivity. She embodies QEA values each and every day.

Well done Valeriia. You are amazing and everyone at Queen Elizabeth’s Academy is so proud of you and all that you do!