To help our students achieve their full potential, Queen Elizabeth’s Academy places great emphasis on providing a dedicated support system which covers the pastoral system and assistance for special educational needs. The academy wants all student to feel safe and secure in their learning environment.

The academy is organised on a house basis. The four houses are Chappell, Dodsley, Flogan and Sterne and our ties distinguish between the houses. Each house has a designated head of house, and the academy has a pastoral manager who oversees the houses.

The pastoral system at Queen Elizabeth’s Academy is organised into vertical tutor groups, meaning that students and staff are members of one of the four houses throughout their time at the academy. Within the houses the academy has tutor groups containing students from across years 7 to 10.

Tutor groups currently meet once a day and participate in a range of activities, including house assemblies, quizzes, administrative tasks and work around a weekly focus. Year 11 students, who tutor separately do so to concentrate on intervention, exam revision and techniques.

Our houses are as follows:

Head of house: Mr Kuffour

Head of house: Mrs Bland

Head of house: Miss Shaw

Head of house: Mrs Graham

Pastoral manager: Mrs Taylor

Relationships, sex and health education

Please find a guide for parents below:

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