The academy uses the online system sQuid for payment of items such as catering, trips, revisions guides, etc. This is to remove the need for students to bring cash into the academy. You can top up your child’s sQuid account online so they can pay for any meal, drink or healthy snack at the academy.

The key reasons for us using the system are that:

  • it removes the potential of money being lost or stolen
  • it is a secure way of getting money to the academy
  • you can check your child’s balance anytime
  • you can view all of your child’s transactions online
  • you can top up whenever you want

To set-up your sQuid account

When you receive your sQuid registration number (this will come in a letter from the academy prior to your child starting with us) you will need to register this on the sQuid website at

If you already have a sQuid account you do not need to re-register. Your child’s cashless catering purse should appear the next time you log on. Simply log onto  to make any payments.

Online payments

Log on to for information about this method of payment. Your Squid account will become active from September 2018, and all students will be issued with log in details automatically. We will write to you with details of your 16 digit sQuid registration number and 3 digit security code. You will be able to ‘load’ money via sQuid for meals at the academy, together with trips and activities. Please ensure that all funds are paid into the correct ‘wallet’.

Other payments

By prior agreement, you can send monies by bank transfer or cheque. Cash will only be accepted for donations on non-uniform days and in other ad-hoc instances where the academy instructs that this is an option.