There are a wide-range of resources available to all students at Queen Elizabeth’s Academy to support their learning and development.

Knowledge organisers

Most importantly, all students are provided knowledge-organisers for specific topics on every subject, designed to embed key information in their long-term memory. Using these as a learning resource is absolutely crucial, and students will be tested on their recall of this information by teaching staff on a regular basis. The documents are constructed to allow parents and carers to support their children with this learning, and for students to know how and where to develop further knowledge on a particular topic.


We have a well-stocked library that students are able to access during their lunchtimes and after the academy day. There is a large stock of non-fiction and fiction books which can be used to develop further understanding of subject matter, extend their learning, or simply be used to read for enjoyment.

Revision sessions

Throughout the year, teaching staff will provide opportunities for students to revise during lunch-times and after the academy day. Details of when these revision sessions and clubs take place can be found on our Enrichment page or by speaking to tutors.

There are also a number of clubs that are linked to areas of the curriculum including science, technology, maths, drama and music, to name a few. These can also be found on our enrichment timetable and provide great opportunities to learn something new, nurture existing talent, or to simply develop a greater understand of a particular subject.

Strategies for Learning

Strategies for Learning (Polish version)