Our vision

To inspire. To raise aspirations. To create brighter tomorrows.

Inspired by Luke 10: 29-37 we give our all to all in appreciation to God who gave his all in Jesus, offering learning without boundaries and care without limits so that all our students can experience life in all its fullness.

Our core values

We empower
We respect
We care

Learning and loving together forever

Our distinct Christian ethos

At Queen Elizabeth’s, we encourage all our stakeholders to be inspired by the Parable of the Good Samaritan and to be the very best versions of themselves that they can be. We give our all to all every day.

We develop students with values, knowledge, skills and qualities to enable success in all aspects of their lives. We celebrate resilience, perseverance and dedication, as our students flourish in our inclusive Christian environment. Our students understand that with hard work and focus, they can achieve anything. We support students to set high expectations and aspirations, work hard through difficult times and situations, and to learn from mistakes and keep improving. We expect students to support each other and celebrate success together.

We empower our staff and students by:

  • delivering knowledge and wisdom through the rich curriculum
  • insisting on truthfulness in all that we do
  • celebrating successes because joy matters to us

We respect our staff and students by:

  • modelling good manners
  • seeking forgiveness and reconciliation in challenging times
  • stressing the importance of justice and equality

We care about our staff and students through:

  • showing empathy for each other
  • enjoying togetherness
  • the importance of nurture in our pastoral systems

Our Christian values

Motivated by the parable of the Good Samaritan Luke 10:25-37 we give our all, to all, through our nine Christian values. Our students aspire to embody these and reflect on their journey through their student reflection journals. We value and encourage the contribution that our students make to the academy and the wider community, regardless of background, culture or faith.

These values develop the whole child as a valid member of our Queen Elizabeth’s family.

Empathy – ‘This is my commandment, Love one another as I have loved you’ John 15:12. Our students strive to show empathy for one another, considering the thoughts and feelings of their peers and being aware of the needs of others.

Forgiveness and reconciliation – ‘Bear with each other and forgive one another, if any of you has a grievance against someone. Forgive as the Lord forgave you’ Colossians 3:13. Our students take the time to reflect when things go wrong, let go of bad feeling and move forward with positivity committing to learn from their mistakes.

Good manners – ‘Do good, lend and expect nothing in return and your reward will be great’ Luke 6:35. Our students commit to demonstrating an innate polite and respectful manner towards each other, staff and visitors alike.

Joy matters to us – ‘A joyful heart is good medicine’ Proverbs 17:22. Being grateful for and taking joy from their surroundings, our students acknowledge, celebrate and flourish in their achievements and the achievements of others.

Justice and equality – ‘Learn to do right, seek justice and defend the oppressed’ Isaiah 1:17. Our students develop a keen sense of justice and seek fairness for all. We are a very giving community and take pride in our charitable connections.

Nurture – Peter said to Jesus, ‘Lord you know all things. You know that I love you’, Jesus said ‘Tend my sheep’ John 21:17. We encourage our students to take a nurturing attitude both inside the academy and out and subscribe to the view that it is our duty to love and look after one another.

Togetherness – ‘Let each of you look out not only for his own interests, but also for the interests of others’ Philippians 2:4. Our students take time to develop close bonds with one another, sharing values, ideas and dreams and helping each other to succeed. We respect that we are all unique and that those differences make us precious, whilst also acknowledging that we share a commonality as human beings and disciples of Christ.

Truthfulness – ‘Walk with integrity, be righteous, Speak with truth’ Psalm 15:2. Our students are true to themselves, are responsible and reliable members of the academy family.

Knowledge and wisdom – ‘If you listen to me you will know right, just and fair. You will know what to do. You will become wise and your knowledge will give you pleasure’ Proverbs 2:9-10. Our students love to learn and embark on a continual journey of knowledge acquisition, which continues throughout their time with us and beyond. ‘Loving and Learning Together Forever.’