Each year in September, year 10 and year 12 students are introduced to the work experience programme.

Students should discuss with parents and carers which types of jobs they’d like to do and where they could potentially do their work experience.

Year 10

Students in year 10 are given the opportunity to complete a week of work experience each June.

Students are able to choose their own placement and are supported to do this through the Safety Measures website where they can search for work places who have previously offered placements to students. This website provides contact details so that students can write to the employer to request a placement. If students have family members, or friends of the family, who are able to offer them placements they can choose these workplaces for their work experience.

If students would like support with writing their letter or email to support their application, use the template below or speak with your tutor.

Template for Work Experience letter and email

Once students have been offered a placement they will need to ask the employer to complete an information sheet. This is then used to arrange health and safety checks so that we can be sure that all students will be safe to enjoy their experience. Please download the form below.

Work Experience information request form

For any work experience questions or support please contact Mr Kuffour or Mrs Humphries, mkuffour@queenelizabeths-ac.org.uk and rhumphries@queenelizabeths-ac.org.uk

Year 12

For students who continue their studies into the sixth form, they will undertake a one-week work experience placement as part of our year 12 programme – this is scheduled to take place after AS examinations.

These work experience placements should be related to your career of choice or the education pathway you wish to follow. Students will be expected to select, apply and interview for roles, and represent both yourself and your academy in a professional, business-like manner. Placements normally take place in July.