At the end of each term, parents will receive a progress report, which will inform you of your child’s Attitude to Learning (ATL) in each curriculum subject.

Attitude to Learning is one of the most important factors that influences a student’s outcomes in school. Research shows that students achieving a one or two in their ATL are more likely to make academic progress which is ‘on track’ or ‘above’ at KS3 or to have ‘current grades’ which are equal to or above their ‘target grades’ at GCSE.

Every student at Queen Elizabeth’s Academy is in control of his or her ATL. This means that regardless of whether or not a student finds learning easy or difficult, if they are getting the top grades or not, or which subjects they enjoy the most, everyone can choose to show that they are engaged or highly motivated in their learning. If your child decides to have a consistently good attitude to their learning, they are giving themselves the best possible chance of making exceptional academic progress at QEA.

You can download our ATL resources here:

ATL behaviours

ATL parent reports

ATL teaching staff guide