At Queen Elizabeth’s Academy, we encourage all members of our academy community to strive for excellence. For our students to gain the greatest benefit from their education it is vital that they attend regularly. All students should be at the academy, on time, every day we are open unless the reason for the absence is unavoidable. We do not accept excuses for absence except in extreme circumstances.

We expect all students to be punctual for the start of the day and for all lessons. Apart from a very occasional emergency, there is no reason for students to be late for the academy day. If a bus is late, students will not be penalised – we use a ‘bus late’ code for the register if this does happen. Our academy day begins at 8.30am and we expect all students to be on site by 8.25am at the latest.

Reporting an absence

If a student is unable to attend the academy, parents/carers must contact us as soon as possible on the first day of absence by phone. You will then need to contact the academy absence line on each subsequent day that the student is absent from the academy and inform of an expected return date. Please avoid making medical appointments during the academy term if possible – we do appreciate that this is sometimes unavoidable however.

If a student is absent we will:

  • contact parents on the first day of absence if we have not heard from them
  • make home visits if absence is prolonged and/or we are not able to contact you
  • provide support to students to help them improve their attendance, if needed

Requests for leave of absence during term time

The Education Act (1996) requires you to ensure your child attends the academy regularly. Before booking a holiday or requesting a leave of absence for your child you should consider very seriously how the absence will affect your child’s education. If you still feel that you need to make a leave of absence request, this should be in writing and addressed to the principal.

All requests for student leave of absence from the academy during term time will be considered but it is extremely unlikely that requests purely for holiday purposes will be granted. Where exceptional circumstances exist, it is possible that a leave of absence may be authorised. However, each case will be carefully considered on an individual basis.


If student behaviour falls below our expectations, sanctions are used to signal that this is unacceptable and to encourage students to make better choices in the future. Our ‘Behaviour for Learning’ policy clearly outlines what we require from students in order to allow teaching and learning to take place smoothly.

There is a behaviour consequences system in operation in each classroom, which is clearly explained to students.

The system states that:

  • C1 is a clear warning
  • C2 is a final warning and a move in class
  • C3 is removal from the lesson, contact home and a detention

If students are uncooperative or refuse to follow the rules, they may need a more serious sanction such as isolation or the pre-exclusion room. Parents/carers will be expected to attend a meeting with the head of house or a member of the senior leadership team to discuss the matter.