Queen Elizabeth’s Academy aims to support students with special educational needs by seeking to remove barriers to learning and participation, ensuring all students have access to an appropriate education that affords them the opportunity to achieve their personal potential.

The academy supports students in four main areas: communication and interaction, cognition and learning, behaviour, emotional and social development and sensory and/or physical. It works collaboratively with outside agencies ensuring specialist advice and provision supports effective teaching and learning.

Our team of highly trained teaching assistants and behaviour mentors work alongside the needs of students, ensuring the curriculum and learning environments can be accessed by all.

SEN Information Report 2021-22

For further information, or if you have any specific queries, please contact the main office on 01623 623559 who will be able to direct your enquiry.

Further to this, the Diverse Academies SEN policy can be found here and should be read in conjunction with the QEA appendix to this policy, found here.

Based on each students’ home address, the support offered may vary from authority to authority. The links below take you to the relevant site where you can get more information about your local SEND offer.
– Derby City Council
– Nottingham City Council
– Nottinghamshire County Council

Academy SEN contact

For more information about our offer and how we support students with additional needs, please email Mr Dunning at jdunning@queenelizabeths-ac.org.uk