Homework and independent learning is centred around students utilising their academy knowledge organisers to embed key information and facts. Every topic in every subject is accompanied by a knowledge organiser, a one-sided summary of the key facts they need to learn, with the option for students to further their knowledge of these subject independently, using the document as a key starting point.

Knowledge organisers should be learned in the following cycle:

  • Monday – Maths and 30 minutes reading
  • Tuesday – English and 30 minutes reading
  • Wednesday – Science and 30 minutes reading
  • Thursday – Humanities and 30 minutes reading
  • Friday – Languages and 30 minutes reading
  • Saturday – Arts and read a newspaper

We encourage all students to actively and regularly read outside of the academy week. Reading is a great way to improve all students’ vocabulary, spelling, grammar and reasoning skills, together with being a way of encouraging creativity, opening new worlds and having fun! We encourage every student to use the library regularly – it is open every evening after the academy day and every lunchtime. As parents and guardians, we need you to support your son/daughter with encouraging reading and visiting both the academy library and local facilities.

We value parents as partners in learning with us, and it is through this partnership that we will ensure that students meet their full potential. Our knowledge organisers ensure that parents can support with their child’s learning.

Please see an example of one of the Queen Elizabeth’s Academy knowledge organisers below.

Knowledge Organiser – example