At Queen Elizabeth’s, we are ambitious for our students. Our vision for students is that we want them to be able to read and understand scholarly articles, broadsheet newspapers and be able to interact in debates in the subjects that we teach by the time they leave the academy. This is why our key stage 3 is the full three years.

We want students to have the basic the knowledge they need in all areas before any narrowing of the curriculum through option choices at key stage 4 and 5. The curriculum also reflects our Christian ethos and vision statement.

For a more detailed overview of our curriculum, our curriculum policy can be found on our policies page.

Knowledge-based curriculum

At Queen Elizabeth’s we deliver a knowledge based curriculum where all students have access to the ‘powerful knowledge’ (Young and Muller, 2013) that will enable them to be successful citizens. Our teachers are subject experts who deliver from the front with students making notes and engaging with teacher modelling of tasks before they are required to complete tasks independently.

Students at Queen Elizabeth’s have access to the full range of subjects at key stage 3, from maths, English and science to drama, music and art. We offer French and Spanish in our MFL department and most students continue a language at key stage 4.

All department areas provide knowledge organisers to students that aid them with their homework and revision. These knowledge organisers provide the minimum knowledge required in each topic so that students can see the bigger picture for the topic. We use regular retrieval tasks to support students to embed this knowledge in long term memory.

Our heads of faculty have spent time considering the core knowledge that should be covered across the five years that students spend with us at Queen Elizabeth’s. They consider not only the knowledge to include but make decisions about the knowledge that is not covered. Curriculum plans ensure that the sequencing of learning allows for core knowledge and concepts to be revisited with consideration given to the prior knowledge students need to be successful in each topic that is planned.

Curriculum rationales by faculty

Below are the curriculum plans for each of our faculties. Further information about our key stage 4 courses can be found on our courses page.

Art and photography


Design technology




Modern foreign languages


Physical education

Performing arts

Religious education


Social sciences