We believe that students play a huge part in shaping the future of our academy. We promote student leadership as being an important part of the development opportunities that we can offer students.

Students in Year 11 can nominate themselves for the role of Head Student and a democratic election is held across the academy, with their peers voting for their preferred choice, plus two deputy head students. Their main remit is to be a positive role model as well as good publicists for the academy.

Every half term the academy council meet. This consists of two students from each year group. They will meet with teachers to discuss the ‘talking points’. These talking points are provided by lots of different people at the academy, from the kitchen staff to the Principal. They allow the students to give their thoughts and opinions on school decisions. The talking points are discussed in tutor time and brought to a half termly council meeting. The council meeting will replicate a ‘board room’ style approach whereby Head Boy and Girl will chair the meeting along with the year representatives, following a robust agenda with a secretary present to take minutes. The students will be provided with refreshments throughout the meeting. This approach is aiming to provide the student with a real sense of importance and leadership.

Students from all years have the opportunity to experience some form of leadership role throughout the academic year. They are invited /volunteer to support with academy events such as parents’ evenings and they are great ambassadors for visitors. During the transition of students from primary to secondary school, year 7 students are willing volunteers in supporting this process.