Students at the academy are supported with their development of faith in many ways, with our academy chaplain Mr Rodriguez-Casado at the heart of everything we do around Christian distinctiveness. He is available throughout the academy week to speak informally with students about matters of faith and for other advice and guidance, together with the more formal sessions laid on for our academy community.

Mr Rodriguez-Casado delivers a range of assemblies throughout the academic year, supports students by being out and about at breaks and lunches, visiting the LIC and through his involvement with Archbishop of York Awards – students are already getting to know his thought-provoking presentation of Christianity.

We promote our Christian ethos by helping students understand Christianity, specifically who Jesus is, what he did and why. Together with this, the academy aims to link everything it does with its Christian values and offer care, guidance and support to any and all students who need help. We hope to ensure that all students experience ‘Life in all its Fullness’ together with give all the opportunity to experience success.

Support during the coronavirus outbreak

During these difficult times and as a Christian community, we recognise the vital importance of continued support, nurture and spiritual strength. Our Chaplain welcomes your contact via email. Please do not hesitate to contact him at:


Student ethos

Collective worship – nurture

Collective worship – nativity

Collective worship – equality and diversity

Collective worship – knowledge and wisdom

Collective worship – Harvest

Joy matters to us

Joy matters to us – part 2

Joy matter to us – part 3

A thank you from Mansfield Baptist Church

Reflection on our core value of forgiveness and reconciliation

Father God,
You are the God of the individual and you are the God of families.
You know each of us by name and you know each hair on our head.
We ask you in these times where we feel isolated and frustrated the you would give us peace in our hearts, protection for our bodies and provision for our livelihood.
For individuals, families and our community.

Thank you father that you are the God of forgiveness and reconciliation.
We pray you would heal our hearts and our nation. Bring peace to our homes in these testing times.
Lord, when we are uncertain help us to return to what we can be certain of.
Help us to remember your steadfast love for us.
Help us to hold in our hearts the great sacrifice of Jesus who gave his life for us to never be alone.
For us to be reconciled to our Father.
Thank you God that you love each of us personally.
Thank you that you have a plan for each of us.
May that love become the strength we need to continue.
To continue to love and learn and to be brave for ourselves our families and our future.


Lent 2021

To mark Lent this year, we shared with our parents, carers, and students, thoughts for them to reflect on each day.

We heard from 40 people connected to the academy – one for every day of Lent. Here we bring together these reflections in one document for you to download and keep.

40 days, 40 voices – Queen Elizabeth’s reflections over Lent 2021