Ensuring that students are comfortable, secure and feel supported during their education makes a huge difference to the progress and achievement that individuals make. Our robust structure ensures appropriate support, information and guidance for all students, allowing them to focus on their learning.

Our Christian vision is inspired by the parable of the Good Samaritan and so we do not walk on by in times of need. We welcome student and parent contact and will contact home regularly to discuss welfare and progress.

The main contacts for all students are tutors and heads of year:

Head of key stage 3 (years 7, 8 and 9)

  • Mr C Pyle

Year 7

  • Head of year 7:
    Miss E Brunt / Mr J Scothern
  • Assistant head of year 7:
    Mrs S Meakin
  • Year 7 tutors:
    Ms B Coventry
    Miss C Morris
    Mrs A Mitchell
    Ms D Benavides Meza
    Mr T Radcliffe
    Ms R Dodson
    Miss R Stevenson
    Mr M Barton

Year 8

  • Head of year 8:
    Mr P Simon
  • Assistant head of year 8:
    Mrs K Gorman
  • Year 8 tutors:
    Mr J Williams
    Miss S Marr
    Mr A Blick
    Ms L Murungi
    Miss C Thornton
    Miss A Thomas
    Mrs N James

Year 9

  • Head of year 9:
    Mrs L Bland
  • Assistant head of year 9:
    Mr T Millar
  • Year 9 tutors:
    Mr C Crutchley
    Mr G Booth
    Mrs A Jarvis
    Mrs V Fretwell
    Miss T Jones
    Miss R O’Shaughnessy

Head of key stage 4 (years 10 and 11)

  • Mrs F Garlick

Year 10

  • Head of year 10:
    Miss K Horner
  • Assistant head of year 10:
    Miss M Carr-Field
  • Year 10 tutors:
    Miss S Smart
    Mrs L Taylor
    Mr R Cooksey
    Miss I Cotterill
    Mrs G Marples

Year 11

  • Head of Year:
    Mr M Kuffour
  • Assistant head of year 11:
    Miss J O’Brien
  • Year 11 tutors:
    Mrs R Humphries
    Mrs V Carefoot
    Ms H Longhurst-Fox
    Miss L Eastwood
    Mr M Sisson
    Mrs R Williams

To contact these members of staff please call the academy reception team (01623 623559) or to contact directly via email please add the initial and surname to the beginning of @queenelizabeths-ac.org.uk (For example, to contact Miss A Thomas, head of year 8, the email address would be: athomas@queenelizabeths-ac.org.uk


To discuss counselling issues or a referral, please contact:

Miss D Percival – Principal and Designated Safeguarding Lead (to email, click here).

Our staff team works collaboratively with outside agencies for specialist advice and provision, supporting effective teaching and learning across the academy. By seeking to remove barriers to learning and participation, together with providing top-quality information and guidance, all students are afforded the opportunity to achieve their personal potential.