Modern foreign languages

Curriculum coverage at key stage 3
At key stage 3 students learn to understand and produce language for everyday situations in French.  In lessons, students work on the four skills of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.  Lessons include a range of different activities with the aim of ensuring that students are able to build knowledge and confidence whilst enjoying the experience of learning a new language.  They work with authentic materials to develop strategies to deal with more complex ideas and to develop their confidence with the language. 

Year 7 units:

1 Knowledge about Language and Baseline Assessments

2 Greetings and Classroom language

3 Family and Animals

4 Describing Myself and Others

5 Where I live

6 Writing in detail

Year 8 units:

1 Near Future Tense

2 Speaking in the Near Future Tense

3 In My Town

4 At a café

5 Daily Routine

6 School

Year 9 units:

1 Clothes

2 Speaking About What I wear

3 Past Tense

4 Transport

5 Holidays

6 Food and Drink

Curriculum coverage at key stage 4
At key stage 4 students follow a two year path through the GCSE syllabus. They build on the knowledge acquired at key stage 3 and meet language for new contexts. Students complete Controlled Assessments in Writing and Speaking and prepare for a final examination in both Listening and Reading. They are required to submit two written and two spoken Controlled Assessment tasks.  To ensure that all students are able to submit their best work they will complete 2 writing pieces in Year 10 and at least 1 in Year 11.  Speaking pieces are internally assessed and opportunities for additional tasks are built in as required.

In Year 10 students cover the topics of Town, School and Jobs.  In Year 11 they work on Celebrations and Holidays before moving to skills focussed lessons in preparation for the Listening and Reading examinations. 

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