LEARN is a method of embedding behaviours to prime students for listening to ensure they become better learners, thus improving performance and is the Queen Elizabeth’s Academy evolution of SLANT. This is a straight forward way of getting the attention of entire class and outlining exactly what our expectations are. Additionally it is increasingly easy to see those students not listening attentively and therefore not complying.

  • L – Lean in and listen
  • E – Equipment at the ready
  • A – Annotate and note take
  • R – Respond like a scholar
  • N – Never interrupt

Lean in and listen

Attentive listeners sit up and lean in and listen. They have the small of their backs against the seat and have feet on the floor and hands either on the table or taking notes. Other positions are too relaxed and encourage students to become easily distracted.

Equipment at the ready

Students must get their equipment out as soon as they enter the classroom because students need to be ready to learn in your lesson, and your lesson must pass with minimal interruptions. If they have their ‘equipment at the ready’ they will be immediately ready to annotate and note take. Equipment should include pen, pencil, ruler, rubber and highlighter.

Annotate and note take

Annotating information or taking notes of key information encourages students to retain the information.

Respond like a scholar

When you want to ask or answer a question you are expected to put your hand up in the air and wait for the teacher to choose you.

If you are confused, or you do not know what you should be doing, put your hand up and wait for your teacher to answer your question.

When you are asking or answering questions you should respond like a scholar. Students need to use full sentences, precise subject specific language and demonstrate wide ranging vocabulary and avoid using words such as ‘like’.

Never interrupt

In order for explanations to be delivered effectively teachers need to be able to do this without being interrupted. If a student is confused or needs to ask question they should wait until an appropriate time and be invited by you to ask a question.