On Friday 25 June, Queen Elizabeth’s Academy welcomed the Bible Comes to Life Exhibition.

As year 7 students entered the gym, their faces were full of awe and wonder. One student stated: “I am so excited; I can’t wait to see what they have to share with us”.

The leaders offered 4 stations of experience.
Jewish culture
Jewish practices
Jewish scriptures
Jesus’ Jewish life

Students visited each station to appreciate the wealth of knowledge the leaders held regarding the exhibits and to experience Jewish life at the time of Jesus. The exhibition literally brought our learning to life.

Our year 7 curriculum has focused on the Jewish faith, considering the big picture of monotheistic faiths. Their in-depth knowledge of Judaism and specialist terminology allowed the students to pose reflective questions and to share their expert knowledge with the leaders. There was a buzz of conversations and confident dialogues to tease out additional knowledge to connect to the life of Jesus. Many spiritual links were made especially relating to prophecy, salvation, forgiveness and worship.

The exhibition was a fantastic enrichment opportunity to develop the wisdom and knowledge core value, yet a student stated it created a sense of togetherness “religion across humanity” and how the Old Testament is important and relevant for people of 2021.