As we approach Easter, we thought it would be appropriate to more formally introduce our new academy chaplain, Cristo Rodriguez. He has been working at Queen Elizabeth’s since January to support the further development of our Christian distinctiveness.

Having delivered many assemblies, being out and about at breaks and lunches, visiting the LIC and through his involvement with Archbishop of York Awards, students are already getting to know his thought-provoking presentation of Christianity.

Cristo says “I feel incredibly privileged to be chaplain at Queen Elizabeth’s Academy, and a huge part of that is that I believe I’m following God’s calling for my life. Working here at the academy is fantastic and is made so enjoyable by supporting some absolutely amazing students and an incredible bunch of staff.”

Cristo wants to develop the Christian ethos by helping students understand Christianity, specifically who Jesus is, what he did and why. Together with this, his aim is to help the academy to link its work with its Christian values and offer care, guidance and support to any and all students who need help.

He say of this, “Jesus is the same yesterday today and forever (Hebrews 13:8) and if I can help people to understand who He is, I believe He has the power to transform lives like he did mine.”

Prior to joining us here at the academy, Cristo has been a teacher for the past eight years and has worked with many of our students before that as lead instructor for Cycling for Life. Born and raised in the Mansfield area, Cristo has a passion for languages, running, walking and cycling, science, philosophy but his first passion is his Christian faith. He has travelled to over 13 countries, lived in Germany and Austria, and this year felt called by God to work for a Christian charity which ultimately landed him the role of chaplain at Queen Elizabeth’s.