Students have today been bouncing to the sound of brilliant indie-pop music as we welcomed the band BRIGHTLINE as part of the work they are doing on The HOPE Tour.

The HOPE Tour has been arranged by the Scripture Union to connect young people to faith and Jesus through music, testimony and local follow up events.

The band played a number of songs and also spoke with students about what hope and faith can mean. There were also a number of interactive activities, including a session on being ourselves. As the band said, “Often we wear ‘masks’ that hide who we are and don’t allow us to be our truest self. Factors such as social media and trying to emulate others can distort who we really are. You are all unique! You should celebrate that and live your life with a purpose.”

The audiences from each year group really got into the music, with some students even rivaling the lead singer Dan’s impressive moves!

Thank you to the band and to the Scripture Union for organising this event – together with being entertained, students went away engaged and inspired.

If you would like to see Brightline performing, they are playing at Mansfield Baptist Church on Chesterfield Road this Saturday night (19 October 2019).