This week we have been celebrating all things culture and diversity. We have a rich history and stunning school site, which combined with students of varying backgrounds, nationalities and ethnicity makes for an incredible celebration of culture!

We wanted to share in some of our students’ incredible cultures, celebrating with food, artwork, dance, and learning a little more about each other and what makes us unique.

The QEA kitchen team have worked so hard to create the most delicious multi-cultural cuisine which students have absolutely loved – thank you to the kitchen team for all their hard work and delicious creations.

The art department created beautiful flowers and decorated the doorways for Buddha Day. Students looked at flags of the world, decorating classrooms and recreating flags as part of their artwork. Students also looked at UK and world maps to identify how much of the map our diverse roots cover – this was so interesting and sparked wonderful conversations amongst students and teachers alike.

A huge thank you to all students and staff for taking part in this incredible week-long celebration of everything which makes us special and unique, yet brings us together through shared values and respect.