We are delighted that Queen Elizabeth’s Academy student, Abbie, has been presented with a ‘Child of Courage’ award.  Abbie received her certificate from the Rotary Club of Mansfield at their an annual awards luncheon held on 3 March 2020 at Portland College.

Abbie started at Queen Elizabeth’s Academy in September 2019. After a meeting with her mum during transition we were told that Abbie had cancer as a baby. She underwent chemotherapy for three years and five months, which started the week before her first birthday. This ate away at her skull and left her with holes in her skull. Her parents were told that she had a 20% chance of survival. She was left deaf in her left ear and wore a hearing aid until she had an operation to repair her hearing.

All of this massively impacted her physically and mentally. Abbie has gaps in her learning due to her illness. She has been left with a poor memory and struggles with long term and short term memory. Abbie struggles to eat large meals and gets tired very easily.

Despite all of these challenges, since joining the academy Abbie takes on every aspect of school life with the utmost enthusiasm. She arrives every day with a huge smile on her face and tackles any challenge head on. She has made lots of friends and has a wicked sense of humour.

Abbie is an absolute pleasure to have as a member of the Queen Elizabeth’s Academy student body and a shining example of someone who has not let illness stop her from getting the most out of life. Her aim in the future is to be a midwife and we are sure that nothing will stop her from achieving her dreams.

Well done to Abbie on this well deserved award from everyone here at the academy.