Today a group of Queen Elizabeth’s Academy students have been attending a conference at the National Holocaust Centre’s ‘No to Hate’ conference as part of their ‘Building a Stronger Britain Together’ project. We are one of 40 academies and schools throughout the UK who have been chosen to work with the team at the centre on this important piece of work.

Back in July, 140 students participated in workshops held at Queen Elizabeth’s that explored issues relating to prejudice, stereotyping and hate crime. The students attending the conference today were selected from this group of students to become our ambassadors for the project.

During the conference students listened to ex-EDL (English Defence League) regional organiser Ivan Humble talk about how he became involved with the EDL and how he managed to break free and engaged with communities that he had previously alienated. They also listened to the story of Sophie Lancaster who was murdered for being a Goth.

During the afternoon students created short social media films that will be used at Queen Elizabeth’s to raise awareness of hate crime, together with creating and signing the ‘No to Hate’ pledge.

An enlightening experience for our students and staff, with important messages to embed at our academy.