Year 8 students enjoyed an incredible day at The Black Country Living Museum.

Traditionally, museums collect objects and display these in glass cases, but a living museum collects buildings. As new developments are constructed, old buildings are taken down carefully brick-by-brick and then rebuilt at the museum to preserve them for generations to come.

Pupils were able to walk these streets, wander into 19th century houses, explore factory buildings, and some pupils even popped into the local pub for a refreshing ginger beer!

Pupils crouched down and crawled through dark, damp and narrow passages as they explored the coal mines and reflected on the conditions faced by miners and the importance of their work for the development of the Industrial Revolution.

The underground boat trip on the canals was a particular highlight, with pupils treated to a stunning light show before a number of pupils earned certificates for their ‘legging’ skills helping the boat to move through the underground tunnels.

Year 8 were exceptional on the trip and the museum guides sang their praises – deservedly so! Pupils were enthusiastic throughout, asking and answering questions and taking LOTS of photos.

Well done Year 8 and thank you for such a fantastic trip!