From September 2018 a large group of our year 8 students have been working towards their Archbishop of York Young Leaders Award. The award is a unique active citizenship programme which empowers young people to make a difference in their local community whilst growing in key leadership skills at the same time.

To complete this award, students have had one specific lesson a week completing two modules about faith and hope. The faith module has been looking at people of faith both past and present such as Corrie Ten Boom and Bear Grylls, and within the Hope module they have been looking at those who are vulnerable in society.

The key part of the award is the time they have spent volunteering. All students have completed personal volunteering including helping family, charities and neighbours etc, together with volunteering around the academy on student reception, helping staff members or helping at events. Finally, they have undertaken community volunteering and put on our Easter Community Coffee morning.

Pictured are just a few of the successful students – well done to everyone who was presented with their awards at the end of last term. You have all displayed great maturity to achieve this award and demonstrated great personal values throughout.