Following an incredible visit to the Holocaust Centre before the Easter break, a second group of year 9 students attended the Holocaust Museum in Laxton last week.

Thanks to the fabulous facilitators, students interpreted historical sources, explored myths and discrimination of the past and modern examples which promote antisemitism.

It is with immense pride that our students had the confidence to pose thoughts, reflect on the content and question modern culture in light of past experiences.

We had the pleasure of meeting Ruth Schwiening and her husband. Ruth was a Kindertransport child who was lucky to be re-united with her Jewish parents after they both were granted a visa to the UK.

Ruth is a contemporary artist who often works in glass. She states that this reflects that “Life is fragile like glass, yet life can shine light like glass- there is hope.”

Ruth revealed her story with such passion. She emphasised her responses to the Austrian village where the family fled before 1938, that they do not need to ask for forgiveness. They are not responsible for the actions of the past. They are responsible for the future built on love and unity.

She ended with this statement:

“You have your whole future ahead of you. Go out and enjoy, feel happiness.”

A message we can all take to heart.

We would like to say a huge thank you to the Holocaust Museum for their hard work to carve out such a thoughtful visit. The air was full of fragrances from the white roses growing in the memorial gardens; a sign of peace and hope.