Queen Elizabeth's Academy - our uniformAt Queen Elizabeth's Academy we have high expectations around uniform. We believe strongly in the link between students maintaining good standards of uniform and educational performance. 

Whilst our expectations are high, we are also mindful that uniform should be affordable for families. Because of this, only our blazer and ties are branded - all other uniform can be purchased from your shop of choice.

Our expectations are as follows:

  • academy blazer
  • academy tie
  • white shirt
  • black trousers (not skinny, leggings or jeans material)
  • black skirt (not tight, short or stretchy material)
  • black shoes (not trainers, no colour at all)

Additionally, our kit for PE is:

  • white polo shirt
  • navy blue or black shorts
  • navy blue or black jogging bottoms/leggings (no offensive logo or words)
  • white or black socks
  • trainers

There is branded PE kit available at the Schoolwear Centre, but this is entirely optional.

Jewellery, hair and make up rules: 

  • 1 stud per ear, 1 watch, 1 ring at a maximum
  • subtle make up only
  • light coloured nail varnish is permissible - nails should not be long or sharp
  • hair can be any colour that is a natural hair colour