Uniform and equipment

At Queen Elizabeth’s Academy we have high expectations around uniform. We believe strongly in the link between students maintaining good standards of uniform and educational performance.

Whilst our expectations are high, we are also mindful that uniform should be affordable for families. Because of this, only our blazer and ties are branded – all other uniform can be purchased from your shop of choice.

Academy uniform

Our expectations are as follows:

  • academy blazer (provided)
  • academy tie (provided)
  • white shirt
  • black trousers (not skinny, leggings or jeans material)
  • black skirt (not tight, short or stretchy material)
  • black shoes (not trainers, no colour at all)

Physical education uniform and kit

Compulsory for boys and girls:

  • royal blue round neck T-shirt with academy logo (pictured)
    – available to buy from the School Wear shop
  • black or navy shorts – must be plain (one small logo permitted)
  • white sports socks
  • black or navy football socks
  • trainers and football boots

In the interest of Health and Safety, all students must have gumshields and shin-pads.

Optional (but highly recommended):

  • navy long sleeved (zip) top – available to buy from the School Wear shop and the academy PE department
  • black or navy tracksuit bottoms – must be plain (one small logo permitted)
  • (Girls only) black leggings – must be plain (one small logo permitted)
  • black or navy wind/water proof jacket – must be plain and wearing of this is at staff discretion, dependant on the weather

Jewellery, hairstyles and make-up

We do not want to stifle individuality, but we do need rules to ensure that this is done in an appropriate manner. Therefore, with jewellery, hair and make-up, our expectations are as follows:

  • one stud per ear
  • one watch
  • one ring at a maximum
  • facial and bodily piercings are not permitted at the academy
  • subtle make up only
  • light coloured nail varnish is permissible – nails should not be long or sharp
  • hair can be any colour that is a natural hair colour

Appropriateness will be at the discretion of the academy. The general principle of this is that if the attire would not be appropriate professional wear in a business environment, then it would not be appropriate for students. We reward students for a consistently good approach to their appearance and pride in their uniform.

Mobile phones and technology

In the interest of safety, security and for safeguarding reasons, mobile phones are not to be seen, heard or used by students in the academy. Students are allowed to carry phones for safety reasons, but they must be switched off in bags.

Students can contact parents in an emergency by asking at reception. Parents/carers can contact students by ringing the main academy number (01623 623559) and a message will be passed on by a member of staff.

If a student has a mobile phone, iPod (including headphones) or other electronic device and it is seen or heard by a member of staff, it will be confiscated and locked in the safe until the end of the academy day. Future instances will result in further sanctions.

It is best not to bring any valuable items to the academy in case they get lost.

Queen Elizabeth’s Academy