Who’s who within the team

Mrs Ashlee Betts – Lead Practitioner of Mathematics
Mr Alan Kenyon – Assistant Principal
Mr Timothy Bowskill – Teacher of Mathematics
Mr Ray Yarsley – Teacher of Mathematics
Mrs Sue Jefferies – Higher Level Teaching Assistant
Mrs Marzena Rajner – Maths Tutor (EAL Tutor)

Year 7 units

Our aim is to provide each student with a rich mathematical understanding that will enable them to cope with the demands of the curriculum and enhance their future prospects. All areas of Mathematics are covered at all levels, with the intention of building confidence and providing differentiation and challenge to each lesson which will lead to excellent progress.

During year 7, students will cover the mastery programme in Algebra, statistics and ratio and proportion Number, and Geometry.

During each half term, students will write an assessment. We use this to track their progress. Once the assessment is marked and moderated, both teachers and students reflect on the assessment and set intervention targets for the next half term.

To develop the enjoyment of mathematics we participate in a number of enrichment activities namely, World’s Maths Day and Pi Day as well as a variety of in-school activities which fuse the theory of Mathematics with real life problems.

Years 8-10

From year 8, students follow the AQA 3 year route map at either low foundation (grade 1 – 3).

The Mathematics GCSE pathways build upon prior knowledge in all the areas of the new curriculum extending the student's understanding with topics such as solving complex equations, working with real life percentage problems, dealing with geometric reasoning and analysing the average and spread of data.

Year 11 units

Year 11 students finish their 3 year route map at the end of year 10. During their final year, students are fully prepared for their GCSE summer exams. This includes plugging any knowledge gaps, ensuring students are confident to answer exam questions and have acquired the depth and understanding required by the new curriculum.

As a department we offer a variety of opportunities for students to reach their full potential. After school intervention sessions are offered on a Wednesday and Thursday afternoon. Maths homework club is on Wednesday from 3:00 – 3:30pm.