Why study RE (short course)?

Religious studies develops the ability to explore the belief systems within our modern society. The central focus is the study of Christianity and Islam. It also takes account of secular, scientific and those of no belief system. A breadth of beliefs, morals and teachings will be explored.

This course encourages students to explore at a deeper level, Christian and Islamic beliefs and attitudes. Religious studies develops the knowledge and understanding of religious and non-religious beliefs, their impact on society and the individual, through studying a variety of sources of wisdom and authority.

This course enables students to question, argue and develop their own personal beliefs and attitudes for adult life.

What will I learn?

Religion and ethics (Christianity) 

  • Christian beliefs
  • Marriage and family

Religion, peace and conflict (Islam) 

  • Muslim beliefs
  • Crime and punishment

How will I be assessed?

  • Examinations

Future pathways and careers

  • The Armed Forces
  • National Health Service
  • Teaching
  • Child care opportunities
  • Counselling services
  • Any field of working with the general public

Course contact

Mrs S Smart