MathematicsYear 7 units

Year 7 students follow a broad curriculum covering:
• basic algebra • geometry • number • ratio and probability • data handling.

The focus is on applying mastery through lessons. There are three levels of questioning, which fall into fluency, reasoning and problem solving type questions.

Years 8-10 units
From year 8 through to year 10, students follow the AQA 3 year route maps at either lower foundation (grade 1 – 3), foundation (grade 1-5), lower higher (grade 4-6) and higher (grade 5-9).

The mathematics GCSE pathways build upon prior knowledge in all the areas of the curriculum, extending students’ understanding with topics such as:
• solving complex equations • working with real life percentage problems • dealing with geometric reasoning • analysing the average and spread of data.

Year 11 units
Students undertake their GCSE mathematics exam in the summer. During their final year, extensive support is given to close knowledge gaps and enhance skills to enable students to feel as confident as possible and ready to achieve their personal best. Emphasis is placed on completing past papers, tacking challenging problem-solving questions and getting students familiar with exam conditions.

Independent learning is encouraged and each student should take all opportunities to enhance their own progression. Revision should be seen as a continuous discipline and we encourage students to make regular notes in class.

The academy provides students with login details to access and websites. These resources are very useful, especially when a student has missed work through absence or needs further work on a particular topic.

Homework club is every Wednesday from 3.00pm to 4.00pm with their class teacher.

All students are expected to have a full pencil case and necessary equipment, such as a calculator (Casio Fx-83 GT Plus) and geometry set.