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Students at Queen Elizabeth’s Academy have access to a wide, varied and balanced curriculum throughout their time studying with us. From core subjects such as mathematics, English and science, through to drama, sport, technology and dance, there are courses available to challenge and inspire our full student cohort.

Our key stage 3 course focuses on students learning skills and competencies that they will use throughout their education and careers. Reading, writing and mathematical skills are particularly important and all students receive tailored support in these areas.

Together with these core subjects, students develop key skills and knowledge in:
• humanities • modern foreign languages • computer sciences • art • physical education • technology • skills for lifelong learning • religious and ethical education

Students are given appropriate support and guidance as they move into key stage 4 and choose the courses which will shape their ongoing studies. At this stage, students have access to a wide range of GCSEs and vocational courses, including approved BTEC qualifications.

For those students who wish to continue into further education, there are a wide range of qualifications from GCSEs to A Level courses on offer at Hucknall Sixth Form Centre, the collaborative sixth form between our academy, National Church of England Academy and The Holgate Academy.

Links with the local business community enable our students to engage in an extended curriculum, and all sixth form students are encouraged to get involved in the enrichment and enhancement programme to assist with their personal development.

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